All The Reasons You Need A Fixed Gear Bike Today

A single speed bike, also known as a fixed-gear bike, is one that doesn’t give the freedom to coast. They are also called fixie. Most of them do not have a break and require the biker to manually resist the forward motion to slow down or stop the fixie. As long as the pedals of the single speed bike rotate, the fixie will roll. The Best single speed bikes of today are owned by the bike messengers of New York City, who made the trend famous. The culture has seen a lot of growth with urban young adults who see the act of riding a fixed gear bike as defiance.

But states that there are innumerable positives of learning to ride a fixie. The foremost being the aesthetic appeal of the bike. A single speed bike has a very minimalistic and sleek look that makes them visually appealing. It is not just how they look, that has made fixies in demand. It is the very experience that makes people fall in love with them. A ride on a single speed bike is an intimate connection. Since they lack brakes, most riders tend to learn that the best way to overcome an obstacle is to veer in a different direction than to decelerate.

It is this ebb and flow of direction that makes for an incredible experience. The very ride is a revelation somewhat similar to surfing. A soulful one–of–a-kind adventure has its place, but there are practical reasons for riding a fixie too. The most crucial being the security. A single speed bike has less number of parts for a thief to steal. Further, riding the bike would not be an easy task, deterring a robber even more. Fewer numbers of elements also equate to minor maintenance and less money spent on purchasing new components.

Riding a fixed gear bike also teaches how to maneuver in tight conditions. Once you practice, decreasing the speed of the bike becomes simple. If not that, then you can even force the rear wheel to skid and stop motion. Because the bike gives direct feedback, you can make adjustments precisely. Even the minutest of change in speed and direction can alter your route in a jam-packed road. This is a real-life skill that can be used in the boardroom or at home, too!

A fixie is also safer and more comfortable to ride on wet roads. This is because the only way to stop the motion of the rear wheels is to stop pedaling. One can quickly test the traction of the road on a single speed bike. Thus, the chances of an accident occurring due to locking of the back wheel are small. Another reason fixies are a better option is that they can go backward. In times when the forward path is just a maze of cars, one can smoothly pedal backward and find another, quicker route.

The pleasure of riding a fixie is the same as riding a stick car. There is something intangible about it that cannot be replicated with an automated vehicle.

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